Denver Dovetail Drawers - Tandem Notches

Tandem Notches

Our Tandem Notches are designed to be used by many of the well known brands of drawer glides. Tandem notches are cut 2″ wide and 1/2″ deep to accommodate most under-mount glides. Click Here for more info on the Blum dimensions.

Denver Dovetail Drawers - File Slots with Bars

File Slots with Bars

File slots are cut into the drawer parts before assembly to receive the 1/8″ x 1″ file bars that are supplied. File slots in the front and the back for “vertical ” files or in the sides for “lateral” files. Both letter and legal slots will be provided if the inside drawer dimensions allow. Drawers 10 1/4″ tall with 1/4″ bottoms and 1/2″ upset will allow for file folders. The bars are flush with the top edge of the drawer.

Denver Dovetail Drawers - Drawer Scoops

Drawer Scoops

Scoops are cut in the front of the drawer and are 5″ wide x 1″ deep as illustrated. SCOOPS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOLID WOOD DRAWERS.

Denver Dovetail Drawers - Serpentine Side Drawers

Serpentine Side Drawers

Built with a tall back and a short front, this drawer is used in pantries to allow easy access to the front of the drawer while keeping taller items from falling out the back of the drawer. SERPENTINE SIDE DRAWERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOLID WOOD DRAWERS. A DIMENSIONAL DRAWING IS REQUIRED. Please visit the Special Order Drawers on the Drawer Page.

Denver Dovetail Drawers - Divided Drawers

Divided Drawers

Drawer dividers can be provided to accommodate most requests. A DIMENSIONAL DRAWING IS REQUIRED.

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